I'm going for the jugular

Here’s my new approach since there is not enough volume in Costa Rica to do wholesale.

I would love any advice, experience or constructive criticism please.

So I’m in Costa Rica, lots of old money here. They all want a vacation home in the u.s. (a piece of the u.s. dream.)
We are a 2 hour flight from here to Miami and there are countless flights every day from here to Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.
These people have cash or can even put up property here towards their purchase in the u.s.
They all want condos or townhomes (security and maint.)

So, I contact wholesalers or foreclosure guys in the area, market here in Costa Rica.

Get your piece of the American dream
Miami investment properties
Miami vacation rentals

I’ll walk you through the process. Then market the crap out of it, start seminars, web page, and success stories then advertise on a large scale. It’s an untapped market. I could never own property, and do the retail myself still selling them very cheap, with a good, 10 to 15 or 20% markup and take good care of my people in Miami. The market of people here that want a condo in Miami is huge, this is fact.

What do you think?

The rule of business is to find a need and then fill that need. If you feel that you have a need then I am positive that you can fill that need in either Miami or Ft.Lauterdale,Fl. Most of us would think that the reverse would be true. If you have buyers that is the best place to start. I say Go for it.