I'm flipping a house from a letter I sent out over 2 years ago

I’ve got responses from letters that were a year out, but this is a new one for me.
Sellers were absentee owners and were having nothing but trouble with their rental.
It was being vandalized, in fact the last time they got it back in shape and had it rented some tweakers kicked in the door and stole the appliances the day before the renters were to move in.
The sellers drove 3 hrs and met me at the house and stated they wanted 90K, I explained the house needs work. I wrote them up an offer for 70K and drove off.
Secretly I was hoping they wudnt call because the house is in the worst area of town which is def a war zone with the homeless and gangs. I didnt think I could ever sell it.
Well, they did call, the very next day. I sent the address to my buyer and I was amazed when he said he wud take it for 75K
I’m so glad that even though I have had sev different phones and dif numbers, my google voice number remains the same and it rings my home phone and cell phone.
Let’s make some money… Rando

Rando, what was the ARV?

$75K doesn’t seem like a good enough discount on fixer in a war zone. What am I missing?

Haha, Zillow says its worth about 138K, one of my buyers said he didnt want it cuz he purchased a 4Plex down the street for the same price of 75K
My other buyer wants it, the seller is asking for a $5,000 non refundable earnest deposit and a 10 day closing, I may offer him $1,000 earnest deposit and tell him we need 30 days, like he thinks its made of gold or what?
He did tell me this property has been nothing but trouble for him, it seems he would be more reasonable, or is desperate to unload it fast before we change our minds. And would like to get his hands on the earnest deposit.
We may be able to come to some terms, but Im not holding my breath.
The house was built in 1990, and it sits amongst all the older homes built in the early 40’s This house has a concrete foundation and newer wood siding. But yea, I wudnt pay 75K for it, not where it sits.