I'm a newbie too

I’m a newbie too and I just attended my first REI Association meeting last night and was very enlightened and motivated by the many experienced investors at the club. I really, really want to do this. I have been looking for something to do and I found what I think is my passion.
Background: I’m a single mom with my only child starting first year of college. I’m retired military and have a full time job. I own my house for 5 years. I have alot of time on my hands after work so I feel I can really put my all into this as a part time endeavor. I really want to take this as far as I can. However, I’m very cautious and want to start off with something small and safe. I have no money and my credit is o.k. (650). Would like something to bring in cash flow (to help pay for college) Suggestions please. I’m an eager learner.

Find a good mentor who will guide you on the right path and partner up on your first few deals. Welcome to the wonderful world of REI!!