I'm a new Real Estate Investor and looking to wholesale in my area.

Hello all,

I’m looking to start wholesaling in my local areas of Flagler and Volusia counties. Any recommendations in obtaining cash investors in my local area. Craigslist does not have many in these counties.

Thanks for your help in advance.


Hello Rina, what state are you trying to wholesale?


Where is Flagler and Volusia Counties? What town / city and state?


Hello GR,

I’m looking in areas of Daytona Beach, Palm Coast or Ormond Beach…possibly St. Augustine as well. I’m looking to build my Cash Buyers list now.

Thank you.


HI Rina! There should be tons of cashbuyers in that area. You can call bandit signs - “We Buy Houses” - do a google search using the same term. Put an ad out there on craigslist advertising that you have discount investment property or fixer uppers available for sale. Network, network, network! Go to your local REIA, etc. Hope this helps! Have fun with it!

Inbox me have a ton of cash buyers Flagler/Volusia area with addresses and phone number