I'll trade you buyers for your vote:

As wholesalers we need to effectively market all of our leads in the right way to close quickly. Which tools are you using?

Did you know:

  1. There is an investor for every lead that you get?
  2. You can spend less time using the right resources?
  3. There are over 28.1 million real estate investors in the US?
  4. There are over 30 million vacant properties in the US?
  5. Some of us can get fined $1,000 per day for saying we are selling a property instead of stating that we only have equitable interest?

Food for thought.


I think someone needs to go back and review your statistics! 

According to my findings the US has less than 6m total residential and commercial transactions in the US and investors are part of roughly 2m transactions per year. There are roughly 4m residential transactions attributed to retail buyer / seller transactions!

There are only 6.5m commercial properties in the US and on average change hands or recorded owner roughly every 7 years!

Now if the US had 28.1m real estate investors then roughly 1 in every 8 adults would be a real estate investors, but last time I checked there were only about 1% of US adults were real estate investors or 1 in every 220 adults!

Since there is only about 105m housing units (Combination of both single family and multi-family units) of which roughly 35m are rental apartments and 70m are single family homes so mathematically it is impossible to have 30m vacant properties in the US.

Now I found 11.4% of US housing units are vacant or roughly 11.97m units are far cry from 30m don’t you think!

Now if there were 28.1m investors in the US then every investor would only buy about 1 property every 14 years.

Can I suggest a good course on analytical analysis?