If you were me, would you?

I have a truck worth around 12,000. I am going to decide if I will sell it and purchase one of these a cargo van, a bronco, or other similar vehicle so I can plaster my message on the side of it. And I also have an enclosed trailer that I could plaster my message on the side of too. Now secondary is that I want a small car that gets great gas mileage and voila the classic mini cooper with 30mpg. I am trying to decide if I should sell my truck and purchase the bronco and mini cooper or not. The only reason I need the bronco is for the 4 wheel drive and it’s ability to tow a trailer.

My plan would be to put the message on the sides and rear of my bronco and plaster all four corners of my trailer and then tow it from one end of my city to the other during rush hour and morning traffic everyday. It should take half an hour round trip, probably longer. I’ll alternate from morning one day to rush hour the next day. Also I would leave the bronco and trailer connected parked over night where it could get more exposure, but I’m sure the city would catch on and start hassling me.

Lastly, the great thing is that the car will fit in the trailer so that I could park the bronco trailer combo overnight somewhere and back my car out of the trailer and drive home. HA

I just need to make up my mind on what to do and would like to hear from people that have like minds as mine instead of people that I know who don’t have the same ambitions as mine.

Cost for my bronco and getting the bronco/trailer covered would be around 5,000. The car would be right around that amount too. Plus I have enough money set aside that I can mail to all the NOD’s in my area every week for the next six months.

If someone has done something similar I would like to hear it. Because if it doesn’t pull any more calls than I would get just by purchasing magnetic signs for my truck then it’ll just be a waste of money.


Lets hear the input

Talk about motivated!! I guess in my opinion if I saw a rolling convoy with advertising plastered everywhere I would be weary. Seems gimmicky. That’s just my opinion. I have magnets on the sides and back of my SUV.

Keep the truck and purchase the magnetic signs.

Car signs don’t do THAT well.


Back Window might work better