If you had only $10,000..........

I have only $10,000. to start in real estate. I am interested in commercial,i.e. mobile home parks,apt bldgs.,strip shopping centers. Is it possible or am I being unrealistic?

Hello, Considering the size and type of projects that your looking at, I would build up more monies. Do you have equity in other properties (or your personal home) or some type of collateral to go with your $10K? I’m not saying that it’s impossible. Just hard to do.

Depending where you are at BUT it can be doen with that kind of money. I have been working on a deal where the owner will finance a park for me and an apartment at a set percentage if I give full price she wants and then do a balloon 12 months from date to give time to improve credit and revenues on properties. If you are persistent and dont give up you can do it. Anything is possible just dont stay in the box.

cmacone is right. It seems like you are looking at some rather large projects. If this is your first venture into investing you may want to put your sites a little lower. I am not trying to discourage you, but, 10k is not going to make an impact when it comes to large properties.

If you are looking to invest I would say without some more backing for now it would be unrealistic.
Even if you found properties hypothetically speaking that you could go 100% LTV on you would still have to have more than 10K. Buying commercial property is allot different than buying residential. You will get stuck paying for allot of the outside work to close the deal and secure financing. Appraisals, Environmentals, Deposits, Prepayments, Comp Fees, Reports, Application Fees, Travel Fees, etc.