If you can't Make Money In California You Deserve to be Broke

I remember reading this statement many years ago, but of course back then I still had the working the job mentality.
I just paid cash for a gorgeous newer pickup and that got me thinking of how far I’ve come in 3 short years.
Being almost homeless, with no vehicle, & down to my last few buks and desperate as hell.
Then I seen that late night TV commercial on making money in Real Estate with no money and no credit.
I sent my last 25 buks to buy the book, I was just too motivated to not succeed. For some crazy reason I knew I could do it.
I jumped on that book and eventually purchased more and some courses. I still buy every book and course I come across.
At first I didn’t have money for marketing, but there was Craig’s List. It took numerous ads & my first deal I made $2,500 for helping a divorced homeowner Lease Option his house.
I did a few of those, then discovered wholesaling. I’ve never made much more than chicken scratch doing construction
and last year I made $93,000 wholesaling Real Estate sitting on my butt.
It hasn’t been easy, lot’s of emotional ups and downs, lots of work, but a hell of a lot easier than working a construction job.
I remember seeing an old friend and she asked me what I been up to, I told her I purchased a book on how to make money in Real Estate with no money and no credit flipping houses. She quickly says, “Oh That’s a Scam” I told her, oh no its not, I’ve done it. She then says well, just because you done it once don’t mean you can do it again. I told her I’ve done it 15 times.
She gave me a disapproving look and probably didn’t believe me & quickly changed the subject.
I cud go on and on about the negativity and adverse comments I got and still get. Now the chatter is, he must be doing something illegal.
I currently have 4 deals in escrow that will pay out 38K, got a probate deal that will pay out 28K I’m doing and several other deals I’m about to wrap up. I’m making offers and getting the calls. I admire the rehabbers, but it’s too much work and risk for me.
And yes I know I’m still small time, but progressing, every year gets better, I get more efficient.
It’s really fun, the feeling I get from slamming even small deals, I would actually do this for free. The money is a bonus.
Let’s make some Money…



 I spent most of my adult life in California! I would still be there if California's Franchise Tax Board had not tried to get greedy and over reach their legal boundaries. I loved my life in Newport Beach and the 5 minute drive from home to my Irvine office, but success and money drive people to make decisions which are not legal and because of these actions I no longer am a California Resident.

While I still have a vacation home along the beach, a nice boat and investment properties in California it becomes harder and harder to look back with a nostalgic memory of that place that started my career, that blessed me with opportunity and which gave so willingly to my future!

California is the land of fruits and nuts! I remember as a young adult partying at La Jolla Shores Beach Park, jumping off the La Jolla Clam into the ocean, scuba diving for lobster and surfing at the Trestles in San Diego. I loved the California beaches, girls in bikini’s and the night life.

And there was opportunity galore, everywhere you turned someone was looking to create this, invest in that and buy something to get rich doing!

It was sunshine, great waves and lot’s of stuff to do, it was my oyster and I was going to open it and find my pearl!

Just stay away from the “Nay Sayers” who don’t have the drive, gumption or fearlessness to stay the course.

California, my first love! Goodbye my friend, goodbye!