If we have a corporation, can we use it

Hi everyone:

I hope someone can help me on this one or tell me who to contact to get more information.
We bought a business and the business was under a corporation name, so we had to buy the corporation.
My questions is, if we have the corporation, can we use it for any type of business or it has to be only for that type of business (this one was for a bar).
I am not sure if I should get an LLC, and if I do, how can I get credit under the LLC?

Thank you very much for any help…

It depends on the state that you are incorporated in and what the articles of incorporation state. If the articles state that the corporation can engage in “any legal business activity” and the state you incorporated allows this.

Thank you carlittle

so, the articles should be specific on what I can or can not do? and if I can, can I transfer the houses I already own to the corporation?
also. do you have any suggestions on what service to use to find foreclosures in California?

thank you very much for your help