If the foundation needs to be leveled....I know this looks borring but pleasssee

This is for my mother in law. She wants to sell her house. Her foundation needs leveled and she wants to sell her house. When walking through the house, there are no signs of the floor bowing. It’s a cement slab. She found that she needed this through an inspector.

She really does not want to deal with this, if she did not do the leveling, would it hurt her market value? Also, would a lender give a conventional loan on a house that needs foundation repair.

It will hurt the market value. This is an issue that will come up during inspections, and the buyer will either ask for the repair, or for a price reduction.

So, she could consider pricing it taking that into account, or spend the money and get it fixed.
As for the bank financing, it really depends on the severity of the problem.

Thank you=)