If tenants have moved out but not paid all rent, what is the next step??

I assume I don’t need to leave notice of eviction since technically I’m not evicting. These tenants have been an absolute nightmare so I want to hold their feet to the fire. The place wasn’t trashed but they deserve every bit of late fees, court costs, loss of security deposit, attorney fees that they get.

What are my next steps then?

If they moved and took all their belongings, subtract the damages from their security deposit and move on. Tilting at windmills isn’t very productive.

Good Luck,


I understand but at the same time I really want to put the extra effort into it to get these jerks for all that I can. I’m normally not a vindictive person but this situation warrants it. I have a lease singed that says they agree to late payments, attorney fees, forfeit of security deposit and whatever other fees are incurred (lock smith and all that sort of thing too) and these are some bad people and really deserve getting taken to court and the whole ball of works.

Listen to Mike, Jeremy.

Take a deep, cleansing breath and just let it go. You’ll spend all of your time and money and probably get a sympathetic judge that hates mean, vindictive landlords (and at the point, you’ll be one…).

It’s not worth the time and expense and neither are they. You’re better served to use the time and effort to get the place ready to re-rent.


I guess I should probably just do that. I aired lots of threats during this whole process and it’s going to take a fair amount of effort to swallow my pride to the thought of them ‘winning’ and me letting them slide on this. These people really need someone to smack them with a court summons and wake them up and realize they can’t do whatever they want in life. These idiots think they are king of the world and instead they’re complete morons who can’t even read a simple (and I do mean simple) lease to rent. I guess I can just vent here and try to recover mentally.

You have a house that is down. The number one (and only) focus for you right now is to get that house up and rented as fast as you can. I am not a Buddhist so I don’t believe in karma, but all religions (except Islam) believe that no good will come to you if you do dirt to people that do dirt to you.

I make sure I am whole. If they do damage I keep the part of the deposit that covers me including the part of the month until I get it leased, (which will probably be all of the deposit). I believe that you can have anything is life you want is you help others get what they want. That is what I do with my real estate, I provide families with a clean safe place to live for a price. What these people want is to be away. I let them be away but make myself as whole as I can until I can help another family.


Ok, thanks everyone. This is real good advice and I will take it and move on.

I have to tell this little story of revenge.

Before I do… forget what I’m about to tell you and listen to the advice you were given, as you know YOU win in the long run.

I had a real idiot tenant once who trashed a house of mine. Like the true genius he was he also left an old Mazda RX-7 at the house. He had his scum bag lawyer brother call me and threatened legal action if anything happened to his brothers “classic car” while he was arranging the transport of it from MY property.

I was BULLSH*T!!! Then I had an IDEA!!! While driving down a side street I noticed the exact same Mazda in a yard. Same color, same interior (Black)
I knocked on the door and asked if I could buy it. The woman told me she’d LOVE to get it out of her yard (blown motor) $50 later it was on a flat bed.
I had it delivered to the rental and had the flat bed remove NIT WITS Mazda and take it to their shop. (After all it was parked on private property) I then had Mr. Tow truck driver deposit my new mazda in the EXACT same location as NIT WITS.

I can not describe the pure JOY I experienced taking a baseball bat to every window and panel on that car!!!, I slashed the tires, and destoyed the interior with a utility knife. But the REAL fun would come later…Nit WIT CALLS to tell me he has arranged transport for his classic. I explain that there has been a HORRIFIC act of vandalism on his beloved car, and he should meet me there ASAP. He shows up with his scum bag brother and the “attorney” immediately calls the POLICE!!! The officer arrives and they are SCREAMING that they want me thrown in Jail. The police officer asks me for my side of the story and I calmly pull out my NOTARIZED BILL OF SALE FOR MY MAZDA. The cop could barely contain himself, seems he had been called to the house frequently to deal with sh*thead.

Cop says…Sorry buddy theres nothing we can do. He didn’t even explain to them why. JUST GOT IN HIS CRUISER AND LEFT!!!

I look at them and say…"Man this neighborhood is really going to sh*t. Most of that should BUFF RIGHT OUT!!!

lol, that is great! you know it’s bad when you are paying money to screw with someone!!

Best $200 I have EVER spent!!! He was literally CRYING when they left!!!

The dope never did figure it out!!

Oh my god that story is awesome!

Good news to report: Shortly after I posted the above about just letting it go my phone rang. No joke, it was twat waffle telling me that he was sorry for all that he had put me through and would like to bring me like $500 if what he owes me and make payments on the balance to avoid court.


Good prevails over evil!!! Even if the $500 is all he gives me that’s $500 more than I was planning on last I posted here. I guess karma can be instant at times. :beer

Yes, Earl, karma can be cool…and cruel.


Great show. I’m spending my $500 on coke and whores!! :flush

Great show. I'm spending my $500 on coke and whores!!

Are you the tenant or the landlord?


By that response you would think I was the tenant, huh? :anon