If any one is looking for Short sale help

There seems to be plenty of confusion with short sale processing. I’ve been personally in the situation where I needed a short sale on a few investment properties. I have been using this guy John F in Philly and he has helped me solve these short sale problems. He took the time to help me understand the short sale world and even gives you access to his online tracking system so I was never in the dark. He is very receptive. In fact he is training me to do short sales and get back on my feet in real estate. I have closed 4 short sales, not including my own properties in the last three months. Just thought this recomendation would be helpful.

John H


Can you provide me with this individuals contact info as I am also based in Philly and could use this type of assistance as far as mentoring is concerned?

I am in Northern Virginia.
Me, too.
How can I contact him?