if a tenant leaves , but some of her stuff is still in apt?

Hi everyone

I had a tenant tell me she is leaving , she moves out without going thur the walkthru and then she leaves some of her stuff behide, can i just go in and throw her stuff out or do i have to go through an evaction


Do you have keys or a statement that the tenant is returning possession to you? Only the tenant or a judge can grant you possession. Is rent owed? Do you defined abandonment in your rental agreement? Most states don’t mention it at all and that leaves it up to the discretion of the judge if the tenants sues you. Do you have contact or forwarding information? Before you start tossing junk, make sure you protect yourself.

Whenever a tenant gives notice, follow up with your own confirming the dates and that anything left beyond a particular date will be considered abandoned unless prior, written arrangements are made.