Identifying your self

This question might sound silly, but when your negotiating with a motivated seller do any of you wholesalers identify your selves as a wholesaler or a buyer?.

You are a buyer

It depends on the market

Usually as this:

“I represent a large group of investors that are looking for properties just like this one. Every [three days from today] we sit down and go over all of the properties we have recently contracted.”

There’s more to it than that but you get the gist of it. This gives you three days to blast it out to your investors and then if there is zero interest…the investors met and decided this one wasn’t for them.



First and foremost, I tell people I’m an investor. This keeps the objection from coming up later. It’s on my website and on my 24 hour recorded message.

I would stick with the fact that you are an investor, the last thing you need to do is further complicate negotiations trying to explain what wholesalers do. I just tell people that I am an investor who sometimes sells houses to people and sometimes sells contracts to people. Then I reinforce that “Afterall, your end goal is to sell your home, and that is all that I care about as well”

Good luck