Identifying 1st mortgages versus 2nd

I am new to this forum, and this process. My husband and I are purchasing an investment property this week at auction. I want to know if there is a way to verify the first from the second mortgage??

I believe I have done my research, and I have read through all the docs etc, and I believe it is going to auction and foreclosing on the 1st mortgage, however, how can I really know for sure?

Any tips…??


Get a full title search done and you’ll know for sure.

Look for the recording date on each of the mortgage documents, if you have them. The document with the earliest date is the 1st mortgage.

Not necessarily. The first may have been recorded after the second. quick example:

bought a house with a first and second. First recorded before second the day after you bought it.
refinanced the 1st 2 years later. At that time the second would need to agree to remain as second, and the first would be recorded as first (even though its date is after the second).

Hope this makes sense. Good luck!