Ideas for trading an RV I dont want for property?

Open to suggestions, I am trying to find a way to trade this RV I have worth about 12k in TX for some local property.

I have posted on craigslist etc, not sure what else I can do.


Is this an RV like a bus that you drive around?

I think you may need to provide more information to get meaningful advice.

Are there properties in the area that are equal in value?

I suggest that you start calling the “for sale by owner” ads and offering to trade.

It maybe possible to use this as a down payment on the purchase of property. The closing on the real estate will also include the RV transaction. This will narrow down the number of properties. Not all (and probably most) property owners will not take a RV in trade. But you can try. Meanwhile, I would try to sell the RV and use the money as a cash down payment.