Ideas for advertising/marketing PRIVATE LENDING?

I am looking for ways to advertise and market private lending. We just started last year and are looking for potential clients to lend to, for non-owner occupied real estate loans… Any ideas on where to locate such clients or places to advertise, would be greatly appreciated!!


You could Google ‘private lending’ and maybe see where companies like yours are advertising? That will give you an idea of other sites to Google to get your business in front of more potential clients.

Just network with investors. Call We Buy Houses websites. You can lend to me.

Here are some helpful tips:-

  1. Stay and focus locally
  2. Find the best platform of investors
  3. Refer deals don’t broker
  4. Be a leader of your business

To advertise private lending, firstly create a network with investors.
Some other options are:-
Create podcasts
Broadcast your expertise
Make connections on Social media channels
Advertise an Entre-Card