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Hello, from Boise we’re here looking to make a dent in the wholesale business of forecloures(sp) I hope there are some of you here too!

Is anyone out there from East Idaho?

As I feared, not much activity here in Idaho.

I will give a bit of my information just in case anyone stops by for a look, and maybe this will jump start some communication in the state.

I am a wholesaler. I am am attorney. I live in the SW portion of the state. I am actively pursuing deals, looking to build my team, and willing to pass on the knowledge I have gained thus far. Feel free to reply if you are a buyer, seller, or cash investor.

The future is bright, so don’t look away.


Hi! My name is Damaris Conrad, and we moved to the Boise area approximately 2 years ago. I am a Psych & Professor for the past 20+ years and have always really enjoyed real estate, such as rentals, flips-- fix, flip, rentals and wholesaling, on the side. However, I am now focusing on wholesaling, after much research, reading, attending webinars, etc. I don’t usually have trouble finding the properties, due to our work in the preservation field, but the art of finding cash investors is the real key.

I am hoping to find others who I can network with who are like minded. :0


Hi to investimento immobiliare:

Noticed your post… What type of law do you practice? Does it happen to be real estate law? A dear friend of mine from CA died a few years back, and he was my go-to source for everything real estate- as an atty. I am not well acquainted with the need for real estate type atty here in Idaho/Boise area, but back in TN… all closings were done in an attorney’s office, and they handled everything after the Title was done. You couldn’t close without one!

I notice there aren’t alot of us in this forum from Idaho… hopefully, this will change. : )

My name is Ray and my partner and I have just started our flipping business. Of course we are new to this experience so we are looking for good mentors to assist us in learning how to properly do this kind of business. Our hardest part so far is getting hard money, or private money, to invest in our deals. We just established our LLC so we do plan on getting small business loans to start our business since we are average everyday working stiffs that have no equity, or cash, to fully fund our own deals.

Any suggestions would be helpful.




Having an LLC will not really be of benefit for you getting loans. You are going to have to personally guarantee any loans to the LLC in the beginning anyway. With no equity or cash, it will be difficult to start flipping houses. You will burn thru cash during the rehab for construction, utilities, and holding costs. You might be able to wholesale some houses to generate cash which could then be used for flipping.


Hi! My name is Chris and along with my business partner, DeeAnn, we have started a real estate investing business and would like to introduce ourselves. Our business name is Gem State Investment Group, and we are interested in meeting and working with other like minded investors, specifically cash buyers for wholesaling. Respond if you are a cash buyer or real estate investor that would like to work or network with us.

Hi! My name is Chris, I’m looking for investors who are interested in Pre-selling Office Space and Pre-selling Condominiums, For more information please feel free PM me, thank you and have a great day ahead beer

G’day Everyone ,Bill and Hayley From Classic Property Investments. We are a Wholesale Real Estate Company in Nampa and the Treasure Valley ,Investors that are looking for houses to Rehab or for Passive Income then we have what you want. :banana

Hey Chris, we’re a cash buying company located in the Boise area, feel free to reach us to make business within the Treasure Valley.