I am somewhat new to the internet aspect of real estate investing and I wanted to get in to it. I saw www.ibuyuglyhouses.com is giving away the domain name if I buy their house. I have been looking for the past week or so for a good domain name, but I have not found one this good. I could definitely see this on my signs and i think people would easily remember it. I guess I am wondering, is this a good deal? Should I pursue this domain name?

Thanks for your help!



The problem is "What do you do with this house if you buy it"? This seller is admitting that this market is terrible in Michigan! In fact he say's "It is almost impossible to sell this house"! What is FMV in relation to what he owes on it? Beware as this house may have major defered maintence?

What’s wrong with “Thompson Buys Ugly Houses . com” or something along these lines?

Be careful you don’t do something you’ll regret later thinking this is a deal? This has real potential to be “No Deal”?
It doesn’t hurt to look, but remember the . com he owns is not the only name in the world!

Be careful and good luck,


If you are not able to get that domain, don’t worry about it. Go to namecheap.com and get you one super cheap. Plus they have coupons that you can use to get like a dollar and some change off of your domain. Domains, come a dime a dozen, don’t be fooled by this house. If its a good deal…do your thing.

There are still a lot of imaginative domain names available out there. GoDaddy.com can help you get domain names inexpensively and their web hosting and customer service are also very good and affordable.

Try names that target your locale. If you are in Detroit try “DetroitHomes” You may need to add something to it. For example, “YourDetroitHome”. You may be able to use a nickname for the domain name. In Chicago you might try, “WindyCityHomes”. Or an abbreviation of the locale. In Benton Harbor, you might try “BHHomes” or in St.Joseph, “StJoHomes”.

Anyway, the point is, there are lots of options for ways to get a concise and attractive web domain name besides buying one … or buying a home to get one.

And, by the way …

Finding houses to buy and sell is relatively easy. Indeed there may be some competition in your area but I’ll bet there are homes enough to go around.

The trouble is finding buyers.

Find buyers first. Then help them find their homes. The more potential buyers you have in your database the more customers you have for the homes that are available to you.

This domain name is already very well established. But if your going to put money out why not just get your own original domain, from go daddy or somthing for 10 bucks, and put some of the money you were going to use for the i buy ugly houses toward marketing the crap out of your own website! That way you save a ton of money, get leads from the areas you choose and not ALL OVER THER COUNTRY, and get the marketing rewards out of your own original website. :shocked

Another thing, ibuyuglyhouses is lame. Many people don’t think their house is ugly.

a simple i buy houses will work for your signs.

I agree,

Ibuyuglyhouses is not worth buying. If it were so good, then the owner of it would probably not be in such a tight situation where he obviously desperately needs monies.

Just find something that is simple but catchy. If you devote a whole Day or weekend to finding something & being creative, it will pay off and you will probably just stumble on something you really like.

The domain name is not as important as how easily you are found. Even if you don’t have the greatest domain name, and even if you don’t have the greatest & most expensive website, as long as potential buyers & sellers are able to find you when they search for you - that means you have presence & exposure.

Also, if you think of a domain name you like, just type it in. And if it goes to a site that is registered, but there is nothing there, then you can call that person and see if they would like to sell. Just because the name is taken, doesn’t mean it is actively being used… and in this economy many people will sell if you make a fair offer.

Good Luck

Besides Homevestors wont let you use it…

I was granted and received the trademark I Buy Houses Ugly ones too from Uncle Sam and they appealed…

As for the word UGLY it works great…

I am very proud to be known as the “Ugly Guy” in my area…

lol. The Ugly guy. That will work. Just keep sending the checks right? :cool

Finding domain names is very difficult if you want to brainstorm it yourself. I own multiple very attractive domain names and I renew them every year just to have them even though I don’t use them.

The problem with finding a domain name yourself is that you are thinking within limited number of words that tend to be taken. What I have found to work pretty well is search ebay and buy the domains off of ebay.

Go to ebay and search for real estate .com

Go every day and search it till you find few you like.