Does anyone know about this company…ibuyhousesfast.com. Apparently they sell you a territory and send you exclusive leads by e-mail on forclosures and other must sell situations in that area. The cost, I feel is kinda high $2000 to set up and $385 a month. They also supply instructional material and a coach (on the phone). The company is supposed to be well known/established. Any feedback would be appreciated. KT

This is a new branch off of we buy UGLY houses. Don’t get me wrong We buy ugly is a good company. I get tons of leads from them of houses they won’t buy because there is not enough equity. I was going to buy a branch of we buy ugly in Denver 2 years ago I denied. Its all in what you are looking to do if you want to fix and flip its not a bad way to go . I personaly buy and hold. So it was not the correct path for me. do your research and think hard about it, And best of luck to you on your decision.

R.E.O. Consultants

Thanks for answering me back. Another question for you. We buy Ugly passes on houses (your “leads”) that they don’t want…sort of like “it” all flows down hill? KT

That is true I use many different angles to find leads! If they only buy them at 70% LTV or loan to value and I can make them work at 80% why not pay them for these leads?

Your right…Why not? What other angles do you use to find leads? I’m really motivated to find out all I can because I’m just starting out and I know with hard work, this can all work out for me. I’m really excited about the possibilities. Thanks. kt