Iam 17 looking to be in rei..

Ok iam 17 and iam from IL but i currently live in MS right now and iam wondering how can i get into this field at my young age what steps should i take.Iam very eager to learn more info…

Iam mostly interested in buying homes for low prices and fixing them up.
or buying single family holmes and leasing them…

I have read some information on here but i guess what i have seen was for people with money starting out…

i really just need some starter info a shot in the right direction…

The reason i want to be in real estate so much is because i think it’s a great field and i love to work and not afriad to make sacrifices… so any help to me would be very help full thank you all
Kourtney Wagner

I’d find out more about what the real estate is like in your area. Start driving around and looking at what’s available and what the prices are. Check em out during open houses. Find what typical rents are for different types of properties. If your looking at doing fixer uppers, you might want to check out “Buy It, Fix It, Sell It: Profit” by Kevin Myers; a book full of information on the art of fixer uppers. Finally and most importantly, if its at all possible, find a mentor. Someone who is in the game and can give you first hand advice. Nothing beats experience. If you have NO money, and want to get started that can prove to be difficult. Id say the best way is to keep your ears and your eyes open. If you know how to recognize a great deal, you can just sit back and wait for the perfect oppurtunity to make your first move.
More specific to your question though, to acquire a property with little money down is a common goal for many people, there are lots of resources out there than can help you with ideas on that.

Im not sure about your state law for minors doing bird-dogging, but once your 18 Im sure youll be able to do that, check into your state laws and READ READ READ.


Continue to research the REI Club forum post and learn as much as you can.
Join a local REI club in your area.
Choose 2 or 3 real estate strategies that will work for you as an investor.
Study each strategy by reading forum post and articles on the subject
Go to your public library and read all you can on the strategies
Go to used bookstores and new bookstores and research out your strategies
Take a course or seminar on the subject strategies
Study your market area
Attend a few foreclosure sales to learn
Try to find a mentor that will be your guide and understands your strategies of investing

Just a few essential directions.

Goto free investing books on this site, and goto multiple streams of income, its a great one, and free.