I would like to have someone experienced and honest to guide me...

I know that this is alot to ask of someone especially with experience and success, but I think if I search the person willing to do this would be a very generous and kind person to do such a task. I do own a home have for about 1 yr and 1/2 I am on the loan with my mother through a local credit union. I have building ground maintenence experience, I am a Licensed commercial pest control operator and I am currently laid off due to poor economy. I thought with the free time that I have now that if I were to do this now would be a great time to start. Although I do not wish to do this blinded or negligent to whom it may concern Thank you for your time.
                                                   Rollie C.

Well, nobody here is going to hold your hand, however, there is plenty of help here.

Read all posts by PropertyManager, FdJake, Rookie, Yrush, Chris W (that arent in Random Ramblings). These guys are good posters when it comes to money. (There are others, but I gotta GO to school quick).

Read the posts, very informative.

Hi Rollie,

Sorry to hear that you are currently laid off from work…that is unfortunate, but may be an opening for something new with real estate.

I am willing to help you get started and point you in the right direction…you mentioned that, “I thought with the free time that I have now that if I were to do this now would be a great time to start.”…that is a great attitude, but what is it that you want to do. Do you know what avenues of investing you are interested in, or are you looking for some suggestions?..

Good Luck

I appreciate your reply to my ad I would love for any advise I can get (help). I know very little about legal moves in short sales and REO’s, but I think this could be a good place to start. The problem is getting the capital to start. I have now a house I live in, that was a bank forecloser I picked it up cheap. Although I had my mother cosign this is ok but since then she battled financial trouble and was forced to file bankruptcy excluding this place because its not a birden for I am paying the payments. I just want to be in the postion to help her now and not have the financial worries. I know there is alot of reo’s in the area and I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. I have alot of experience in building and ground maintenance and licensed in pest control for a bout 13 yrs with 6 catagories commercialy.
ROLLIE C. :help

keep posting Rollie,…you hopefully will receive the help you need…

I can truly appreciate you wanting to make sure your mother has security and well-being.

Since you are sincerely compassionate about those who are closest to you…then you are off to a great start in investing…and more importanly, a great start to enjoying life.

Since you are sincerely compassionate about those who are closest to you...then you are off to a great start in investing...

Sorry, but “being sincerely compassionate about those closest to you” doesn’t give you ANY start in real estate investing.

Propertymanager is absolutely correct. If loving your Mom was all you needed to do to get a successful start in REI most if not all of us would be Donald Trump.

What the OP needs to do is sit down and review his finances, make a plan and follow it. Being compassionate makes you a good person NOT a good investor.