I would like to buy courses

I am interested in buying creative real estate courses…specifically on commercial real estate. I am looking for Ron Legrand, Dolf DeRoos, Russ Whitney commercial bootcamps and anything else people may have. If you have any of these please send list. Thanks!!

I took them all… and to be honest, they’re all the same. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

by the way… try going to the library and getting ANY books related to commercial real estate… you’ll learn pretty much everything that these guys teach from these el-cheap-y-$20 books.

I tend to agree with the other posters…

The true education can be had for free (or cheap) by networking with individuals that are doing what you hope to emulate…Free education exists as a byproduct of your relationship with some of the service providers to the commercial RE industry (RE agents, lenders, appraisers, etc.).


Scott Miller

Amazone.com for all areas of interest. Look up real estate books and there will be every subjuct that you are interested in. They are all being discussed on this forum . One course for five hundred…or all courses in greater detail for less…

I agree that the information can be had for free but there are some courses that do offer the information in a well put together format making it easier to digest. Sometimes the information that is available for free does not give you the detail that some of the better courses give.

I find that I learn more out of the $20 dollar books than the big $1000 courses most of the time. The advantages of the courses is the multimedia approach but if you carefully read the manuals, you leave the table feeling like something was missing.

That is not to say the courses or even the cheap books are bad or are deliberately cheating you by underdelivering.

Rather, the component missing from all training guides of this sort, no matter what the cost, is the experiential component.

Until you are actually out there talking to people, figuring out how to make a deal work, etc., it is all just theory.

Do a few deals and then reread the materials you have and I bet you will learn a lot more from that second reading.

I hate to sound like I am preaching for this site just for the sake of preaching for the site…but I’ve learned more here (and a few of the other boards) than I have in many of the books I’ve seen. This site has helped me the most by far of any resource and the realworld experiences of the members is bar none the best around, more realistic than any guru nonsense. Real people relate real experiences, gurus sell dreams. My advice to you is to read this site nonstop whenever you can and fill in your spare time reading a few of the courses if you have the extra cash. Definitely get the courses used off ebay, don’t pay retail as they mostly aren’t worth it.

I just discovered free audio on the reiclub. I can use all of my reading and studying time on the computer, and when doing errands, cleaning etc, I listen to the audio. YOu can download from the homepage, then transfer to your mp3 player.

You know another pretty good learning resource, which I didn’t see mentioned here?

Real estate appraisal classes taught at the local CC or college. I took some of these when I first starting doing real estate work a couple of, oh never mind, and they were really good.

I should say that I was working in commercial real estate and took classes taught by a commercial appraiser. But the material was great. And the textbooks were really useful.

Just a thought.

That’s how I found this site…from the podcast. I did a search on Real Estate podcasts on Itunes and REIClub popped up. I’ve listened to every one that interested me, and some that didn’t. You can pretty much skip the last 30min of all of them, that’s when the heavy sales pitches begin. But they’re still packed with good info. before that.
Is Hal Stein really the “office manager”? haha

I have been the lead instructor and taught many of the $5,000 courses. In real world terms they are worth about $500-1000. The main reason I give it such a high value is because of what other have said before me, field experience. We brought students out into the field looking at 5-10-20 properties along with realtors, bankers, appraisers, investors and showed them how it really works. The books were good and in some cases excellent but the hands on knowledge they received from the above people was the best.

Join a club
Read all the books you can.
Read this forum every chance you have
Test the waters by looking at property, doing cash flow examples, get to know how prices are determined, negotiate with sellers, and how financing will work or not.
Find partners that are compatible with your goals and work as a team. No one says you have to buy together but learning together is going to get you light years of experience.

Don’t talk about it, do it.

Good luck.

I went to Terry hale and Jason Gilberts CRERICHES bootcamp in April in Los Angeles and it was amazing. They were very personal they went over everything about how to buy distressed land,apartment buildings,moble home parks, and buildings they stayed and answered every question I had. I would highly recommend there event.