I Wont take a penny under $175,000 But your house is only worth 160K

It is so amusing how homeowners will say they are firm on a price and will not consider any lower offers.
I have this seller named Bobby, I had talked to his wife Janel, I think it was about 2 years ago when she called and told me they wanted to sell their house for $250,000 She gave me the address and I am very familiar with that neighborhood. I explained that those houses were going for about 160K
She tells me they upgraded the hell out of the house with oak cabinets and oak flooring and yada yada. Janel was a character and wudnt listen to reason.
So now a few years later her husband calls and wants to sell for 175K I explained again, the houses were going for about 160-170K in that area and I think he shud call a realtor. I asked how was Janel and he said she passed away 6 months ago. I’m starting to see a little motivation here.
He warned me not to bother the tenants, I tell hem for 175K I wont be going near there. He’s an old guy and he went on an on how I cud make money if I held on to the property, I explained I can’t wait 10-20 years. I told him I might be able to do 150K
45 minutes later he calls back and says he will take the 150.
If I’m lucky I may be able to flip it for 5K, maybe the value is at 180K now.
It’s just bizarre how sellers can say one thing and be so firm on price and then lower their price by 25K 45 minutes later.
Maybe that’s a good lesson, a little patience can pay off big.
Let’s make some Money

This seller said he was 79 years old, and lives out of State. I had to snail mail him the contract for 150K He don’t have email of course.
I’m not sure I can sell this, but heck, I’ve surprised myself before, If I can’t sell it I can renegotiate when he’s even more motivated.,
The great thing is, I gave no earnest deposit and there is no risk. I have a 21 day inspection period and I can walk away.

Let’s makes some Money…


This seller called me twice asking if I could forward him 5-10K. he explained his car got broken into and trashed.
I asked if he lived in a high crime area, he says no, this happened at the Casino.
I cudnt sell his house because the price was to too near the fair market value. I mailed him another contract for 130K, 20K less.
He called me and said there was no way he could accept that, I could here his loud son yelling something in the background. He tells me I got his son agitated.
He acted like I was responsible for ruining his life.
I told him to tear up the contract and good luck.
On to some prosperous deals.


Would you mind giving me the exact wording of your escape clause?

The one from the book doesn’t mention 21 days.

I want to get the best one with no room for error.

Just copy and paste the contract in the book to a Microsoft word document. You will have to space the paragraphs and do some tweeking but I hope your not a tweaker.
There where it says 10 day inspection, click your mouse and the end of it, back space till it’s gone, and type in 21 days or what ever.
I took the contract and added a few things, deleted a few things to suit me.
I wud offer to send you the edited tweaked out version. But you can do it, if you can sit still for a few hours and turn off the TV and tell Maria to watch the kids.

Which book, please? Thank you.

Check out “Real Estate on Steroids” by Jackie Lange, I believe its on Amazon for a few buks.