I will assign RE, help! Where do I find the buyers?

I am so excited about getting into this kind of business. I know I have lots of things to learn.
Please guide me the right way. I will be assigning RE. I know I will have 30-60 days to get these properties off my hands. Where is the best place to find investors, buyers, or interested parties?

Welcome Jacque1, you are in an interesting market, Cali. Put adds on cragislist, newspapers, etc advertising handyman specials - this is a good start. Then network. Use sites out there to draw in traffic ( you can message me on that). Get a website (if you don’t have one already) to draw people into - go to auctions, talk with Realtors, talk about real estate and what you do to everyone you meet - everyone knows how “bad” the market is so it’s alwasy a good topic to talk with people about and network, network, network - this is what has worked for me.

Use Bandit Signs and you will get more calls than you can handle if done correctly.

www.TheSignBandits.com has a free worksheet for you to figure your costs and benefits.

Thank you for your advise. I’m a newbie. So I need all the great advise from you pros. Thanks.