I wholesaled half a house

My bird dog found a vacant boarded up junker in a town thats bout 2 hrs away. She didnt have a photo but she did talk to the neighbor and got the name and phone number. I check it out on Google Maps and Zillow it’s small 470 SF Shack. The neighbor told Melissa
My Brd Dog the the house has been vacant for 10 yrs and the owners had tried to sell it for 15K and nobody wanted it.
I called the
owner that very same day and told her I could do $5,00 and pay the $1,000 in back taxes. She says oh that sounds good cuz we dont even want the house. She then says let me call my husband and I’ll call u back. The next day she calls and tell me her and her husband need to get $10,000 for the house. I said, Oh really
cuz I can only pay 5K and Im worried Im paying to much at that
price cuz its so thrashed.
I tell her OK, call me back if you change your mind. It seems she got
a little tongue tied
and says, Wait, I think we can do the $5K I just want to be done with it.
I called a
couple of my cash buyers, these 2 guys will buy anything and told them for 10K u can hve this cute little fixer. One investor said the back of the house had burned and they tore it off and put a wall up and it was only half a house, he offered me 7K then went up to $8,500, the second guy never called me back.
I placed an ad on Craig’s List and sold it the same day to a local rehabber landlord.
The bird dog and I will split a $4,000 assignment fee. Not bad for doing almost nothing.
The Bird dog is excited, she just started a few weeks ago and only sent me 3 houses.

I love your stories!!! :beer

Half a house eh? When I say this heading I just had to take a look and see what happened here. Excellent move! Obviously, the land is the value here. But to find a buyer that quick - sweet! I bet your birddog will be scouring the countryside for other abandoned houses. LOL

This is what you call the beautiful life of a wholesaler!

To your success! :beer