I was told that you can't flip REO homes in TX!

I was just wondering why is this, because I just had my real estate agent send me a bunch of them to flip. Is this because of Seasoning of Title? I’m a new investor, so I’m still learning about this, not really sure what Seasoning of Title is. I think it is when you buy a home with a traditonal mortgage lender to keep or live in, but then you sell it for a profit right away, causing fraud. Not sure though. any help would be great.

seasoning of title just means property title must be held for a period of time, usually one year for a buyer’s lender to loan a new purchase. many real estate agents are helping buyers watch for properties that may send up red flags to their lenders. if paying cash most anything can be done, but when a lender is involved due to their risk they are scrutinizing much more closely. alot of these creative investment ideas have burned lenders.

ah ha, I see, it all makes since now. thanks for the info. I wonder why my agent is sending me REO homes when I told him that I am using a hardmoney lender and flipping these properties immediately. He never brought up Seasoning of Title.