I want to start investing but I don't know how and cant afford the books and pr

… I want to start investing but I don’t know how and cant afford the books and programs how can I learn to invest sucsessfully?

Come to forums such as this. Research on the web. I would suggest saving some bucks for some books and/or courses. (maybe it is just me, but I always learn more when I have stuff in print and I can go back and read it over and over) There is lots of info to be had on the internet.

This IS America where, contrary to conventional wisdom, a person with the right knowledge, persistence and attitude can accomplish great things. This site, as well as a multitude of others (search the web) have plenty of free articles that will tell you all you need to know. The forums are full of information and readily availible to answer your questions and give you the needed help. The only thing that holds any of us back is ourselves. If we accept the premise of “no excuses” and diligently apply our knowledge consistenly and persistenly, things will happen. You are still in the “excuse” phase (as are most of us, different excuses but no real reasons). Get over it and make it happen (preaching to myself, as well).
Good luck.

Thanks for the inspiration Richard!

I went to www.amazon.com and typed in rehab or investment or something like that. It brought up some books and similar ones to it about rehabbing. Then I went to my library’s website and searched for these books. Most of them were found. One was even available as an e-book. I checked out as many as I could and have been reading them and learning.
Quick and free! Best thing. ;D

Richard above said it all in nutshell, but I still have to add my 2 to it.

In response:

I don’t know how So learn!

I can’t And as long as you believe that, you’re right!

Not trying to be rude or anything, just making a point.

Learning is how to solve the “I don’t know how” and if you truly want to be successful, then there simply is no “I can’t” saying.

As far as material on REI goes, you’ve got this and other website forums, REI articles and the library (as someone suggested above) which usually has a number of good books and sometimes even courses. I’m assuming that the “nc” on the end of your name means that you’re a fellow NCer. What part? There are several very good RE clubs/associations that you could visit/join.

If you need money, then find a way to make some. That’s part of being an investor, creating money where none was a moment before. Personally, I sold junk at the flea markets to make extra cash at the start (not to mention, pretty much everything else that the wife would let me take out of the house). Usually, what people who say ‘I can’t’, or ‘I don’t have time’ really mean is that they aren’t willing to change their current lifestyle in order to get into a position to increase their wealth. I have a friend who never has the time to learn this “REI stuff” yet he can tell me every sports score for the week, what happened one this tv show or that tv program. If you want to increase your useable time, throw out your television set.

Hope it helps, and if you’re near the Hickory, NC area, I’d be glad to hear from you.