I want to hear your success story of short saling a first mortgage

I’m getting a ton of SS files that have mostly second liens along with the first. I know the seconds will negotiate rather easily but how bout the firsts? Anyone have a good success story on shorting a first?


I’m negotiating one with a lender right now. I’ll let you know how it goes.


They will definitely negotiate. All depends on what their valuation comes back as. I’ve shorted firsts when theres a second. All about how you pay each of them on the HUD.

Chase Gochnauer

Chase…you said,“How I pay each of them on the HUD?” Please clarify. The SS I’m working on is going well. US Bank is the second lien holder and they told me to submit an offer via fax. That was it. They have it for 25K. I offered 2K :wink: Still working on submitting the first.


I am closing on one the 17th with Citifinancial. The seller saw my ad about buying houses and wanted to avoid foreclosure. I took pics. of the work that needs done, sent in the SS package, and possibly the fact that this is a true hardship case helped. I’m getting it for 23.5k less than was owed.

Be careful when submitting that you know the firsts guidelines for what they allow the second.

What can happen is you submit a HUD to the first and second at the same time showing the 2nd getting $X dollars, well the first approves it, subject to the 2nd getting $X dollars, but the 2nd then says no we want $X+5 dollars, you agree, but, then the first gets upset because the HUD has changed and says no no no, the 2nd can only get 10%.

can someone post the number for US Banks loss and mit dept. I called and spoke to three people and they were clueless about short sales. :-\

" I know the seconds will negotiate rather easily " Nate-WI

Really! I guess my second didn’t read your post.



Tell me about when you here of one.


Here is US banks info. I got all the stuff ready to go for Equity One. Anyways here is the info on US Bank.

Customer Service Hours Mon-Fri 7 am-8pm CST
Phone # that I have is 800-224-4021
Fax# is 866-350-9168
Their 24 hour automated is 800-344-5015

Hope this helps and I will keep you posted.


Thanks a bunch. I really appreciate your help.