I want my money back! >:O(

Propertymanager - I finished reading your book. Good stuff. One thing that I noted is that it is consistent with what you say here… I wonder what is your hidden agenda… :O)

Anyway, I have a complaint and I believe I deserve to get my money back:

On page 12 you clearly state that THERE IS NO SECRET! You even wrote it in bold and capital letters. And you even finish the paragraph saying that you “don’t pretend to give one in this book”. So here I am reading the book, not expecting to find a secret…

And then on page 121 (at the end of the book) you seem to have changed your mind and decides that there is a secret: “YOU MUST TAKE IN MORE MONEY THAN GOES OUT!”. I don’t understand… I bought the book to learn something and now I am confused… Is there or isn’t there a secret?

I want my money back… I am looking like a fool - I told my wife after I read the first few pages that there is no secret and now I don’t know how I am going back and tell her that I was wrong… there is a secret… It will destroy all the credibility that I have with her… :O(


Hey… great book!

Have a great weekend!

Even if there was a secret, it isn’t a secret any more because he told it to you. And now, you blabbed it to the world.

So now, there is no secret, just as Mike said in the beginning.