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Long story short, the women living in the home died like three years ago and the house has been vacant ever since. I am trying to figure out the address though… the numbers on street seem to jump around for some reason. Any ideas?

Once I get the address I figure I can find out who owns the house by looking at the county website to see who is paying the property taxes.

Every other house probably has a mailbox with numbers or numbers on the front of the house. Write down every number within a few houses of it, go to town hall and look at the records, then once you have all the addresses in that particular part of the street in front of you cross off all the numbers you wrote down…you should only have one left, your missing number.

You could also go to the post office and ask if they can tell you which house numbers on the street are not getting mail.

I don’t know for a fact that this will work, but the letter carrier for the route will know what’s going on better than just about anyone.

If you know about what time the mail comes to the neighborhood each day, you could just ask the letter carrier yourself. And of course, hand him a business card and ask him to let you know about all of the vacant houses on his route…