I Think I made a Boo Boo

I listed a property that I wanted a cash buyer for, on Craigslist. I failed to include the Assignment Fee in the price listed. I have gotten several calls for the property, but when I tell them about the Assignment Fee, I think they get sticker shock and forget how to talk. This is the ad on Craigslist, https://baltimore.craigslist.org/reb/d/hot-rehab-property-72k/6469184138.html

Yeah I would pull the add and add the assignment in there. Maybe negotiate with the seller a bit more to get the price down as well if sticker shock is happening.

That’s what I just may do. Also the realtor called me about a second property. As you can see this property is $7.2K, she is offering a two for one for an additional $300.00. Altogether $7,500.00 for both.


I may be wrong… but I don’t think so…
If you are not the listing agent you can not advertise a property to the public. You will get in SERIOUS trouble for that. That is the difference between wholesaling and being a licensed agent. I would remove the post immediately and then make sure if you are allowed to do this or not.

I’m not an attorney so of course seek any legal advice, but I believe if you’re an agent and your broker allows it and your purchase agreement states that you can list on the mls and the seller signed and agreed to this, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Were you able to sell those properties? I’ve looked at a few, had a few on contract but it’s a really depressed area.
I cudnt give it away.

Baltimore has better areas I believe.

I’ve sold some down and out area properties, but man, when down this deep, its a tough sale.

Contract expired. A lot of askers, no takers.

Seller asked for a new contract. It seems that I am having more success than him on moving these properties.