I think I have a deal-need help

I came across a posible deal. A lady owns a property she needs to get rid of ASAP. It’s worth about $540-$580,000. Her payoff is $515,000. She will take $515,000, I may be able to get her down less. I was thinking a lease option would be best. I’m almost possitive if I bring her the lease option idea she would do it. She told me yesterday she wants out bad. I asked her what her payments are and they are about $2000.

My question is, how should I structure the deal? Get her to agree to lease option, offer her $510,000, then find someone to pay around market value in 1 or two years? I am just unsure how to strucure the lease option deal, and when the closing agent gets involved.

Any help is appreciated.

Why are you looking for deals when you are not sure how to do the deal? If you want to do a lease option, you should know how it works before applying the strategy.

Good luck!

I was out hunting for wholesale deals and I ran into this property. She wants out bad, but there isn’t enough equity to justify a wholesale. I am in the process of learning all aspects of this business. I have been told not to turn down a deal because of lack of knowledge because there is a wealth of info out there. Such as this website. Any help is appreciateed.

Luke, how is the market for a $560k home in your area? You can always get it under contract contingent on finding a T/B within 45 to 60 days and market the heck out of it and do a Sandwich L/O or assign the deal to someone for a fee.

Good luck,


The market is pretty strong for a $560K home. It is considered a starter home here, which usually sell pretty good. A house in the same area was listed at $590 and sold for $615K. Its pretty much a no brainer, just seeing what is my best option.

Run an ad, see what response you get, if you can get it sold, then do it, if you get no response, move on.