I posted (seeking to use seller financing 3bd 2bth home in nice area) on Clists

I’m new at investing ,I want to have an ad campaign targeting sellers who cannot sell their homes, but are willing to do seller financing,and do a double closing deal . any tips from successful people in this expertise position.


It is better to post something like this: 

“I Buy Real Estate Fast and Solve Problems With Un-Sellable Properties With or Without Problems”

You see when you propose to use seller financing for a property it is best to be sitting in front of them answering questions and building rapor as it makes it more comfortable to consider owner financing when you are getting to know the person who will be responsible for your property and payments!

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Have you used that saying on craigslist before for your real estate investment business, iS it legal to to do seller financing in mass

Hi John,

        Loan me your Visa card, I will charge $50k, $100k or $200k to buy a home, you would trust me in a heart beat, right???

When you suggest using someone’s credit who has no understanding as to how “Wrap’s or Subject To’s” work, what would you expect that response would be, probable never call as to most people the idea of letting someone use thier credit and make thier payments is foriegn to them as they have no education or understanding as to how this works so most people see this ad and run from it, there fearful and scared, and suggesting in an ad “Seeking to use Seller Financing 3bd / 2ba home in nice area” scares the living _ _ _ _ out of someone!

The Frank - Dodd act really does not start taking effect until 2013, what’s written in that act is not completely understood as it is still being studied and analysed to determine all the effects it may have on public finance! Right now your fine, next year or 2013, who knows?

You want the phone to ring, you do not want to scare off potential sellers before you get a chance to speak to them and council them on all the options, then explaining what a “Wrap or Subject to” agreement is, is easy to do and will be better understood and potentially excepted if there comfortable with your professionalism!