I need to start wholesaling. Any help would be great

Hello, first time poster. I am in school for Auto body repair. Everyday I know that is not want I want to do with my life in terms of a full time job. Its more just a fun hobby but can be horrible when you make it a job. I have started listening to Ron Legrands wholesaling cd. It seems like wholesaling is a good place for me to start in this business. Maybe even mobile homes. Ron makes it sound very easy to make like 5-10K per deal. I just dont understand how it could be so easy. I definatly want to become a full time real estate investor eventually, I have always been interested in the business. Honestly though I am scared about the whole thing because of the money involved, I know thats a horrible mindset and it will go away after the first deal or so. If anyone has any advice or ect… I would really appreciate it. Im in Williamsport,PA and I have never seen any clubs around here.