I need to know where to start. Help Please!!

I am new investor and need help to get started in wholesaling or flipping. Please help me where to I get started,Who do I talk too? Also I woud like to get in to commercial properties sometime is it better to wait or started now?? 8)javascript:replaceText(’ 8)‘)javascript:replaceText(’ ::)')

Howdy Dreamlandworld:

I would start with houses. duplexes, etc unless you have a few years living expenses in the bank and want a hobby doing commercial deals. The larger deals are harder to bag and take longer to close. For some it is actually easier to get financing on commercial deals with no personal financial risk but I have not been able to do those yet. It would be good maybe to work a few small commercial deals in now and then but stay with the bread and butter residential until you understand commercial a lot better.

What experience and education have you had? Perhaps a community college course in real estate would be the best place to learn terms, financing, and get a general knowledge of investing.

Check out Barry Grimes’ Real Estate Jobber course (aka bird dogging). It’s at http://www.reiclub.com/products/142. It is only $97 and delivered with 50 MB of files on a mini CD. You can download a free ebook from him at http://www.reiclub.com/authors/Barry%20Grimes.html which is something like 150 pages itself and overviews the course.

I also recommend Steve Cook’s wholesaling course at http://www.reiclub.com/products/238. It is $179 I think.

Good luck!

when I started the hardest thing for me to do was to stay focused on one or maybe two areas as an investor. Finally i did, and the money followed suit.

my focuse was bdogen then wholesaling.

now there are courses out there, but its great to start your edcutaion for free and read all the arcticles on your specilaty areas as a investor, on all the websites! you likely will get abt 100 arctilces, then once read you can move forward!

have fun,