I Need to Get Into a House!

Here the deal. Seller moved out of state, house has been on the market for 145 days. It is listed with a Realtor but seller contacted me, so I have not spoke with the Realtor. If the Realtor shows me the house, am I obligated, or the seller obligated to deal with the Realtor.

House is worth 319k in a 220k neighborhood. On MLS for 275k, seller told me 250k, but I need a look around so I can make my offer. House seems out of place in the neighborhood its in, and it doesn’t have a driveway or garage.

Anyway how do I look at this house without involving the Realtor?

At this point, you have already involved the Realtor. To try and go around her would be unethical, and would most likely lead to legal ramifications, especially for the homeowner.
PS: a $320K house in a $220K neighborhood doesn’t sound like a good opportunity. . .

House seems out of place in the neighborhood its in, and it doesn't have a driveway or garage.
Also a bad sign.

How did I involve the Realtor? I have never spoken to her? She didn’t give me the lead, the seller contacted me directly. All that other stuff you guys are talking is irrelevent if I make an offer they except, I just need to know how do I get in the house. And if I have to involve the Realtor.

It drives me crazy to read people posting everything other than the answer to the question. Please answer the question if you know. If not, then please don’t reply.

You aren’t dealing with the realtor, the seller is. If the seller has a contract with the realtor to list the house, then they will likely owe the realtor commission, even if they deal directly with you.

The sellers need to look closely at their agreement with the realtor, because even if they fire her, they may still be liable for commission for x amount of time after the contract termination.

And to get in the house, someone has to let you in. You could certainly use another realtor as a buyer’s agent to at least view the property. Or, did the original owners leave a key with friends or relatives?

I will find out, thank you for a helpful post, I really appreciate it.

Excuse me if myself and AJ think this house is a dog if its the black sheep of the neighborhood. I’ll be sure to not respond to any of your posts from this point on. :banghead

If you want to act like a baby go right ahead. Anyone in business knows that something is only worth what someone is willing to pay. If I bought the house for 100k and so it at 200k, which would be less than 220 that is in the neighborhood, that would be a great deal wouldn’t it.

I am by no means an expert, but I do have my own business and understand certain business fundamentals, I asked one question and got information I didn’t ask for. Now if you guys were doing that for the benefit of others who may not have known then I apologize for my short sightedness. But I would not begin any offer based on a 300k appraisal in an area where houses are selling for far less eventhough they are not comparable.

I would expect a statement like yours from a teenage girl, not from a moderator on a Real Estate Investment forum.

The most expensive house in the neighborhood and the one that is lacking basic features that the other (cheaper) houses have like a driveway or garage will have a tough time selling.

I’m done trying to talk to you, I’ll go back to reading Tiger Beat and listening to Britney Spears.

The only way a seller can sell without the Realtor being involved is if they specified that “so” and “so” are able to buy without using the Realtor. Example: If I want to sell my house and my brother likes it, then when I sign an agreement with my Realtor, I will list my brother in the contract. That way if my brother wants it, then I can sell without my Realtor. In your case their Realtor will need to be involved because you are not listed.

Selling or Renting a property with no garage will be REALLY difficult. I own a couple of SFH that do not have garages that I picked up dirt cheap. The reason I picked them up cheap is because noone wants them. People can’t afford to spend thousands to add a gargage.

No Garage = HUGE discount. After you buy it, you will probably end up having to either add a garage or sell at a BIG discount. This is my experience with properties with no garages.

Believe you me, I already plan on making a ridiculously low offer, that and the house as been on the market so long, coupled with the fact the owner is paying two mortgages is the only reason I am considering it.

Thanks for the input.