I need to FIND Email addresses of real estate agents ,need your help!!!

Would someone help me to FIND addresses of real estate agents and/or Realtors out here ?

I am beginning to market to real estate agents tonight, and guess what… Confussion!

I went to http://realtor.com and darn if I can figure out how to find an agents email address.

I am going to need to first email them before I call them!

So, if you can help a new RE Entrepreneur kick off his video marketing business to help these professionals help sell their clients sell their properties via open houses online…
do let me know how I can find these very important E-mails.

Thank you in advance!

Investorgy at your service!

I wonder if your actiojs would fall under the category of spam…

lord knows i don’t want to get in trouble for Spam…

so, perhaps you can give me YOUR take, so here is the aforementioned marketing email I’ll be emailing to agents with listings:

Dear “xxxxx”,

We noticed that your listing at (address) doesn’t have a video tour yet. Did you know that video tours are the most cost effective form of real estate advertising available. Our video tours are allowing agents to get higher commissions while impressing online home buyers – this is the best way for you to stand out above the other realtors and impress your clients. Check out our website at www.blablabla.com

Thank you.

I’d give them an option to unsubscribe (email me back with the subject Unsubscribe), make it personalized, so it won’t look like you sending these emails in thousands.
But still, would that be considered spam?.. I dunno…

Yeah, I’m not sure if that is SPAM or not. I know you are required to give people an option to unsubscribe. You are also required to put valid mailing address in the email. Most people put the mailing address at the bottom of the email to have it be less conspicuous.

Hope this helps!


To be on the safe side try reaching them by fax.

I think that faxing junk is even worst than emailing it.
try gooling “do not fax law” to see what I mean.