I need some help with my first deal.

Can anyone help me? I am getting ready to close on a deal. I need to know what I need to do. I have the seller and the buyer ready. I am going to short sale this property to another investor. Do I need to have just a title company and a real estate agent?


Why do you need a real estate agent? You have the seller under contract, you have the buyer under contract… You have an approval from the lender on the short… You just need the buyers money to give to your sellers lender…

Good luck


First, you need to be more specific on what you need help with.
Are your seller and buyer under contract or “READY” to sign (no contract).
You need to have a title company that is willing to do your double or simo closings.
Realtors often complicate deals and you will lose your profit so no reason to involve one by choice.
You can probably learn everything you need to from post on this forum - READ then cash that closing check!