I need some help with a Wholesaling Question?

Can anyone tell me what is the most efficient way to wholesale an REO property? I’ve been working with an REO buyers agent in locating and putting offers in with my name and/or assigns on the contract. Out of 20 offers that I have placed, only one bank said that I couldn’t assign it. I told them I needed to have that flexibility because I didn’t know how I was going to title it and so I needed to have the flexibility in order to close quicker.

Just need to know if anyone is working with bank REO’s and what is the best step in wholesaling the property. Any help would be great. Thank you guys.

Happy Investing.

Do a double closing. A lot of people use a corp or LLC. You should try to avoid using your own name if possible. If you are just starting out use your name if you have to and get some $ in your pocket than worry about entity structuring.

You can get an LLC for less than 200 bucks and be able to protect all of your private assets. Most real estate investors use LLC instead of Inc.
Banks prefer an entity than an individual unless you have a long history with a particular bank…

Good Luck :beer