I need some advice!!!

I’m a Canadian without American citizenship living in Windsor Ontario which is a border city to Detroit. I could literally drive 15 minutes from my house and be in Detroit.

Basically, I would like to start investing in Michigan since there is much more opportunity there than there is here.

Could you PLEASE point me in the right direction in getting started, who I need to talk with (ie. type of laywer), who you also recommend I get in contact with, and absolutley anything else I may need to know in order to turn this idea into reality!

I’m looking forward to your advice.




I would suggest going to the REIA meeting in Detroit and making friends with the successful investors there. Get the name of a good real estate attorney in Detroit and go see him. I’m guessing that there will be other Canadian investors there since it’s only 15 minutes from Detroit. You can probably get a huge amount of info from the other Canadian investors there.

Good Luck,