I need of a Title Company that does assigns

I’m a trying to put together a wholesale deal(or else bird-dog it). What’s the best way to find a good title company, in the Houston, tx area, that will do double/simultaneous closings.

The yellow pages in the phone book under Title co’s…and a phone.
When some one answers the phone at the Title co’ …ask them.

Thanks Darin…lol :banghead I was hoping for more of a ‘recommendation’ from a co that somebody local has used.

Thanks Darin...lol I was hoping for more of a 'recommendation' from a co that somebody local has used.

Unfortunately, a “recommendation” would be a violation of forum rules.

That is why you are not getting the response that you seek.

As these are some of your first posts, you may want to familiarize yourself with the forum rules. They are the very first post in each forum. It says, “READ RULES HERE BEFORE POSTING”. :rolleyes

Yep. Need to check with local investors or at your REIclub. The purpose of this board is to learn how to find someone, not a place for people marketing or sending referrals unless they want to do so privately. There are other boards out there, but they start turning into spam fests.

By the way, I hear y’all have a great club in Houston. I bet they are listed on this site. REIA’s are also great to find everything else you need…realtor, insurance agent, hard money lender, buyers for your properties, gc’s, subs etc etc etc. I like to think of them as one stop shopping.

Bam. http://www.reiclub.com/real-estate-clubs.php

oops…looks like I didn’t really word the question correctly(bringing the wrath of the board down on me) :argue -Mdhaas I did read the rules, ok…I should NOT have used the word ‘recommendation’…Ultimately, what I wanted to know was have any of you run into any particular problems with title company’s doing wholesale deals…The calls I have made thus far have not been very successful…I hate being a rookie. :anon

The problem might be that you are in Texas. I am not familiar with Wholesaling in TX but do know TX has very strict rules when it comes to Real Estate. Good example is in TX it is against the law to even pay for a real estate lead. The only state I know of that does that. That might be why Title Co’s are not helping you out. In I would talk to an Agent or Lawyer about this one.

I did just that, I called about 7 title companies in Las Vegas and only one said yes the others had no clue what I was talking about. I asked if they handled contract assignments. Is there another way to approach the title companies? Thanks

its illegal to pay for a lead if you are a Realtor in TX. That is why I am not one.