I Need input advice on a website? Please tear apart

I am building a website for myself and am trying to get feed back from other investors for things that need to be taken off or added, Please tear it apart and give me some input on what needs to be changed. This is only a rough draft.

Eric Medemar

I’m really not liking the color scheme, kind of nauseating.

The blue is a little on the bright side. It is kinda frustrating that nearly every page is for entering information.

Why does it link to RichDadUniversity.com?

Just curious.

Yeah I agree with the colors. Pick a couple and go with it. You have Sage, Black, Blue, Purple, Orange. etc…


Please read the forum rules! You can not place your website in the body of your posts. You’ve been warned.


I like the idea, but I think you should study up a little more on marketing.

A good book for this is The Ultimate Sales Letter
It will teach you everything you need to know

Good Luck