I need help!!!!!

what are the best sites and ways to locate preforeclosed props? Also,where do i locate a list of contract agreements tha i can print out?
last of all, i want to get into wholeselling. what are the best ways to locate houses.
any other info and/or sites would be greatly appreciated,

thank you

Have you gone to the county web site sometimes they have them right there! I get one from my title company every week! What state are you in?

In Georgia preforeclosures are published weekly and the lender is required to do so for four weeks prior to the public sale on the court house steps. You can subscribe to the newspapers on a county by county basis.

If you are looking in Georgia, drop me an e-mail for the counties which interest you and I’ll let you know the names of the papers. I’ve found the publishers to be very accommodating in mailing you just that day’s paper, but it’s not something they advertise, you have to ask them directly.

hi REO
im in fl but i already have gotten the county websites im just trying ti find other ways and other sites to look at. dp ya’ll have any suggestions??