I need help with a lead

Hey, everyone!
Here’s a possible lead on a 3/2. Seller is motivated and is willing to sell for the amount that’s owed. $450k for mortgage plus $5k for back taxes. Monthly mortgage payment is $3,700 which includes PITI. ARV is $455,220. It’s a nice home in a nice neighborhood. The last 3/2 to sell in the area sold for $562,000.

I’d like to get an assignment fee. If I’m unable to find a cash buyer, what kind of terms deal can I create with these numbers?

Any help is appreciated.

Where’s the beef? There isn’t any deal here. The homeowner owes $455K. The ARV is $455K.

I think he is getting the terms mixed up…he says that the last one sold for 560k…he stated the same in another post as well.


ARV = After Repaired Value (this is market value)