i need help locating a true hard money lender. Houston, Texas

i am looking for a true hard money lender. it seems everytime i think ihave found a hard money lender my credit comes into play. my credit score is constantly taking a hit with these so called hard money lenders checking my credit. my credit is bad at 620. i need 137,000 total for investment property that appraise at 176,000. any leads would be appreciated.

Most of the HML that are set up as a company will require credit checks. Many have minimum scores but there are several out there that only looking at credit for Federal tax liens.

I sent you over a PM.

I’ve used www.Investwell.com out of Dallas. While not a TRUE HML (I think there may only be 4-5 in the entire country), you’re good with anything over 560 mid score.
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I’m looking for HML for $100K-$300K. Where should i look ?




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