I need help finding actual buyers, not someone who works for someone!


I have a question.

How do you find the actual buyer.

I always come to find someone who knows someone who is the actual buyer.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Do a search in the mls for cash sales in the area you are working and in the price range you are selling for the past 30 days. Write down the addresses and then drive by the houses. Most of the time there will either be a “for rent” sign in the front yard, or a rehab crew there.

I did this last weekend, and I’m doing it again this weekend in a different part of town. Last weekend I went by 10 houses, and 6 out of the ten had “for rent” signs out front. I called all of them and now I have 3 new cash buyers. It’s like taking candy from a baby. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

If you don’t have access to the mls, have a realtor do it for you. Pay them a few bucks for their time. Do it every few weeks and watch your buyers list grow.

Handwritten signs also work well. I write something like:


My phone rings when I put these signs out. I sold a house a few weekends ago after putting out 40 signs just like that in the neighborhood where the property was located. The guy is a cash buyer and wants me to find him more. Signs work.

Good luck,
Steph :cool

Welcome to the world of wholesaling. What I now do before I deal with anybody is to have them show me proof of funds. I also use the same marketing as Steph does. You may just need to increase your marketing efforts.