I need help correcting a credit report

In 1993 the IRS filed a lien against me in Dade County FL for tax years 84, 85, 86 & 87. Claimed I made money and did’nt notify them. I moved a few times during this periord and never received notification as I was not working during 85, 86 & 87.

In 2000 the IRS refiled this lien now without the 84 tax year. On original and refile lien states that it would be un-enforceable after Aug 2003 (the exact day of month I would have to look up). Lien also states after this __day of Aug 2003 this shall be considered a Release of Lien.

I tried having Dade County remove it about a year ago and they would not said I needed a Release of Lien I tried to explain what the lien states which was at their fingertips to look at but would’nt listen.

I notified IRS, took them quite a while but sent a Release of Lien for tax years 85 86 87 and they filed it in Dade County Court Jan 2005.

Trans Union first updated my report to show paid
Experian also
Equifax also.

I contacted all three agencies and Trans Union, Experian removed this from my report and my score went up about 40-45 points each.

Equifax will not remove said it must remain for 7 years from Jan 2005. This will mean it will be 28 years from occurance to be removed. I tried to reason with them to even keep on until 2010 which would be 7 years from release date on Original Lien & Re-file.

Because of this my score it low and my merges scores are 642 and my middle 620+

Can someone help me, or tell me how to solve this? Is Equifax correct and the other two wrong?

I also have in hand a letter from IRS stating I owe them nothing, paid them nothing and have been released from and Lien or Levy.

I tried to give this to Equifax but they need it from who the call the creditor “Dade County Court House”

What do I do? I am truly at wit’s end.


Thank you.

Make a copy of that letter, and also a letter telling equifax you are disputing this and send them a copy of your letter,registered mail send 1 a week, it will cost you about $3 a week but every letter you send they have to respond to soon they will get tired and remove it…they cannot keep it on your credit when you owe nothing. :smiley: