I have a list of homes vacant for a long time now. I cannot seem to find the owners. Can anyone help? ahart9@msn.com email if you can.

Please help. Time is passing and I am going broke.

Are you trying to find the owners so that you can make offers?

What have you tried thus far? You may try going to www.netronline.com You may be able to access the county auditors/treasurers office. What State and County are these in?

I have tried nothing other than calling skip tracers to give me an off the wall pricing. any other ideas would help. Thank you

try going to the site that I mentioned previously. It is free and it should get you started.

Hello, Another good site is www.IRED.com.

I am searching it now and it is not free by what I am looking at. It cost 3.50 for a property report. What ares is free?

On the Netronline site click on the public records online button.

Next choose the state, then the county.

To find additional information you must sign up. All it tells you if they have located the subject property. Thank you for your time. It is greatly appreciated.


what state and county are you looking at?

I have tried it again, but it says pay for this, this and this. thank you.

The county property tax appraiser will have the owners address and it is free public info.Most are available online. ;D

That was the site that I am trying to get them to.

Have you tried anywho.com? If that is no help, I’m willing to help you and look them on my public record site that I subscribe to. So many people have helped me (and I still haven’t done my first deal) and I’m willing to help anyone else.

Email me at MsBodley@yahoo.com and I’ll start getting all the info for you, including any phone numbers, how much the house was purchased for previously and anything else. Once I find the owner, I’ll also run a death search to see if the owner died and I’ll email you back all this info. Would that help?

P.S. Also try propertyshark.com

If a search of the local propertr records doesn’t help you locate the owner, then the best service, in my opinion, is www.findthe seller.com… started by Cameron Dunlap, who is an active RE investor and saw the need for us to have access to this kind of help… you only pay if he finds them… it’s a few bucks, but he also offers bulk pricing…

Hi Stellar. Yesterday I had the day off and tried to find the owner of 2 houses in my area. I went to the county cort house to the recorders office. The recorders office only references property by name (which I dont have) and legal discription (which I also don’t have). So I went to the county assessor office to see who was responsible for paying property taxes (refer to Hopper’s post above). The tax assessor office also gave me the Book and Page where the Deed was filed. I went back to the recorders office and looked up the deed (mortgage was right next to the deed). I then used their computer and searched for any new information on the property such as Releases, New Mortgages, ect… I probably spent a couple of hours researching but I think I received a lot of valuable information. My county does not have this information available online but maybe your coonty does. I would suggest going to the court house, at least the first time, so one of the people working there can show you how to search on the information. Anyway this is my experience searching for property owners. Good luck.

I also have had a very difficult time finding the owner of this property in my area.

I talked to the tax assesors office and they told me HUD owned it, I went to hud and they have no information on this either. It has been about 8 weeks now with no info.