I need feedback

I just created my site. Please give me your feedback as too what looks good, bad, needs to change, or be added. Thanks alot…


looks nice.

only major complaint from a quick glance is the horizontal scroll bar for the top articles. these should be entirely visible w/out the need for the scroll bar.


Very nice indeed. Definitely looks much better than traditional websites I see people making.

There are a couple of things I would change. First off, I wouldn’t put syndicated articles in your sidebar. No one is going to want to have to scroll left-to-right, top-to-bottom just to read an article. If you can, I would recommend putting it either below everything else on the homepage or just make a separate page dedicated to articles.

Second, I tried using your search box and nothing happened. That could be on my end though; I have a ton of addons in my browser. That being said though, I’m not really sure what people would search for on that site; seems pretty simple and to the point.

Finally, get rid of that dreaded ‘Under Construction…’ segment as soon as possible. One thing that drives visitors nuts is going to a page and seeing that it is under construction. If you can’t fill it with what you want now, at least put some alternative content in there.

Other than those points, it looks good. Nice work.

the name is confusing, not easy to remember
the articles section needs to be wider
add articles or products
add some properties on home page
sign up for adsense and get some ads on your site so that the visitors can pay for hosting
Shift the info on the right to the left side

thank you all for your feedback. I agree with the articles. I think it would be much better if I just completely delete it.

thank you hassan for your advice on the adsense, never thought about that. been too busy really to manage my site.

I was also thinking about making my site compatible with phones. But don’t know how, so I have to do some research but I think it would be a great idea to do that. If anyone knows how I will be glad to learn.

thanks again for all your insight. much appreciated.

What’s your idea for making it compatible with phones? DO you mean PDA like phones or small screen cell phones?

pda phones, iphones, those type of phones. We’re at an era where most of the people around the world use pda type phones now. whether its your successful business man or just a normal joe. People are starting to use their phones alot for web surfing than ever before.
any ideas would really help… thanks

Either you’ll have to learn the OS that most cell phones can read, like wap, or hire someone that does. At issue is the fact that cell phones dont have that much memory and that service providers charge too much for bandwidth (file traffic size).

At this moment, it’s not worth making that big an investment in that segment until the providers (ATT, Verizon, etc) make it easier to work with them. I would stick with the computers.

right yeah, it was a thought. I’m really good with computers so learning this type of stuff would interest me, plus it would be a good idea to also offer my services to other people who might be interested in doing the exact same thing. More than 70% of the world who have cell phones carry either a Blackberry or an Iphone. Practically, times are getting really complex. So I want to be able to branch out. There are no limits to Marketing. Marketing is a big part in being successful at Real Estate or any part of Business at that. So you really got to be creative.

Anyways thanks for all the great feedback you guys, I took your advice about the “articles section” and just scrapped it would hassan’s idea of “adsense”. Still not really sure how exactly you get revenue from that, but I guess you get paid when people click on the sites? not sure if anyone could explain that would be great. Anyways thanks again. more feedback would also be outstanding.

Adsense is simple. A good example is the column of ads on the bottom left side of this page that has the title ‘ads by google’. The way it works is as follows:

  1. go to adsense.com and sign up for an account. they 'll have to review your site and in a few days they welcome you in to the program,
  2. pick the style of ads you want, a column square or banner
  3. create a channel, which is how you track your ad stats
  4. adsense will provide you with about 8 lines of code to place within your website. View the source code for this page or any other with adsense on it to see an example (search for this string “google_ad_client”)
  5. place the adsense code in the part of your site that you want it to be in
  6. drive traffic to your site. when people click on the ads on your site you are credited for revenue. once the total revenue adds up to $100, google will send you a check or wire for the $100
  7. place ads on all your sites and soon they will all pay for them selves just from ads if you have the traffic
  8. adsense will place ads from your competition on the banner, but don’t stress it. From my experience only about 1 in 50 visitors actually clicks on an ad.

I have not read all the replies, but here is my take on it:

  1. Get rid of the Links. You do not want to provide your visitors easy access to navigate away from your website.
  2. Get rid of the Google Adsense, and affiliate links. You won’t make money out of it, and it makes things look very busy
  3. The white is very distracting… at least for me… it bothered me trying to read white on dark with big white box next to it
  4. You need content… if someone comes to your website, it will not be crystal clear what want them to do. TELL them what they should do
  5. You ask for too much information under the Sellers. Do you really need to know all that before you decide to talk to them? and remove the CAPTCHA, don’t add unneeded complexity. This will turn off many sellers
  6. Until you have featured listings, remove the section. “coming soon” gives the impression of “unfinished” site
  7. The animated image is too strong… the fade-out looks nice, but the fade-in is too strong… moves from dark to light with a bang
  8. Like previously mentioned, get a nicer URL. This URL is fine for a corporate site… but it would be better to have easy to remember URL.

Your website should make visitors so compelled to complete your forms and want to do business with you. It is not about pretty colors and impressing people with your design skills. Make it so compelling for them to fill out your forms and contact you… make it easy for them to do so as well…

Do you need a front page? can’t you have a short form for sellers to fill out and submit to you right on the front page? makes it much easier for them for example.

Just some ideas

Place the navbar and adsense on the left side and drop the ads down further.
drop the flash on the home page as it takes too long to load (or try to streamline it).

BTW, adsense will make you money if you have the right keywords in your content.

I’m glad to present that the website www.rnrenterprisesf.com is now compatible with Mobile phones. Please give us your feedback on your experience

looks good. add a financing link as well

I would suggest making the forms available to fill out on the website as opposed to downloading them and then attaching them to an email. This would also add to the mobile phone compatibility that it looks like you are striving for.